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A Week In The Life… Being Late But With The Best Intentions, GDC and More

A Week In The Life… Being Late But With The Best Intentions, GDC and More

Hey! It’s the weekly blog that hasn’t been weekly recently! Admittedly it’s a small group that cares but I am sorry for being a bit sloppy with this series, with it now being around two weeks since the last one. I would promise to be more prompt in future but… I’ll just promise to try.

So, the last two weeks have been pretty good. I’ve had an intense period with work, culminating in the recent release of Mercenaries Saga Chronicles on the Nintendo Switch. I think it went ok, I learned some lessons and can do some things better, but all told I think I also did some things relatively well. Ultimately my employers seem quite happy with the results to date, which frankly is the main thing when you’re six weeks into a new job.

We’re in a busy time overall, and I’m learning the art of patience. I don’t have control over the speed and tempo of everything that affects my plans, and I’m beginning to handle that better rather than let it frustrate me (which it did a week ago). I’m adoring the fact I’m in this position, learning about publishing on the eShop and working with cool people, and it’s giving me a lot of perspective I never had on the other side of the fence as a games writer.

Another thing that I can say is that I’m going to GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco in March, hopefully the first of multiple events this year. Based on the picture at the top, however, I’m nowhere near young or trendy enough to fit in!

It’s exciting but I’m not going to be a tourist, I feel the pressure (in a good way) to make it worthwhile and really get the CIRCLE / Flyhigh Works name out there. I’m not exactly a natural PR rep, but that’s not really my role at these events. I’m hoping my passion for gaming and comfort in the ‘industry’ will matter more than the fact I’m a short and shy bearded man! In any case, anyone that reads this that wants to say hello / talk games and publishing just reach out and let me know! (Twitter is best, @ThomasBW84)

Outside of work I bought a PS4 Pro, basically because I wanted to play a version of Monster Hunter World that wasn’t running like bum. I adore the series, it’s up there with the likes of 3D Mario and The Legend of Zelda in terms of IPs I must play. So far I’m enjoying it, albeit my progress – due to limited time – has been slow. It streamlines some areas a bit too heavily for my taste, but it’s also evolved in some very positive and impressive ways. So far it’s one of the best games in the series that I’ve played, I haven’t yet decided if it’s my personal number one.

I did a deal with my brother for my original PS4 to take the edge off the price, and I’m quite happy with the purchase of a Pro. It occasionally does some daft things (at one point it randomly forgot how to output to my 4K TV, it took me 40 minutes to troubleshoot and sort it out), but it’s a decent machine. I’m also enjoying faux-K (I’m just being honest, because not much is real 4K) with a few games, and I also like the flexibility to play some games in 1080p with better performance. With the likes of MLB The Show and MH World I choose performance, but I’m enjoying the higher resolution in Resident Evil 7, and I’m revisiting the amazing Last of Us in the 1800p / 60FPS mode. When I’m done with MH World I’ll also get Shadow of the Colossus, which by all accounts is an incredible game (I’ll probably opt for 1080p / 60FPS with that, too).

Overall life has been normal but pleasant over the past two weeks. I enjoy spending time with family for things like Six Nations rugby, and six weeks in I’m very happy I made the right choice in taking on a new career challenge. It’s been busy and a tad exhausting at times as I have so much to learn (I’m still dozing off on the sofa quite often in the evenings), but it’s worth it.

So, that’s the last two weeks.

Until next time,